Mobilize your employees to adopt sustainable digital working practices

Sober, more respectful of teams and more efficient

Discover, the 1st platform of a data-driven support for the better working practices development within teams

Accor’s Digital Factory mobilizes its employees to adopt more sustainable digital working practices, thanks to Lecko’s GreeT solution.The POC carried out at Accor’s Digital Factory with around 100 users over a 6-week period resulted in a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions for Digigreen users (the name given to Lecko’s Greet application), while the non Greet users increased its emissions by 29%. This result convinced other in-house sponsors to deploy the solution in their entities, thus widening the scope of the service’s deployment.

“Changing the culture requires more than just raising awareness. We need to enable everyone to take action at their own level. This is the strength of the GreeT solution.”

Lucile Hossepied
Innovation project manager, Digital & Business Factory

“GreeT is a wonderful acculturation tool. It challenges everyone to think about their own practices and confronts us with the real challenge: changing our habits.”

Sandrine Guyet Leader of the Guild Green IT, Digital & Business Factory

Measure your CO2 emissions

Evaluate your trajectory over the last 12 months

Track the results of your improvement actions every day

Organize mobilization initiatives on CO2 emission reduction targets

Gives meaning by formalizing an aspiration for transformation

Make emerging mobilization visible

Organize challenges

But also …

Aligning your work practices with your convictions

Contribute to cultural change by mobilizing everyone
on concrete actions

Engage your team in a continuous improvement process aimed at sobriety, digital well-being and collective efficiency

You are:


Environment department

Develop an environmental culture by making every employee a player at his or her own level. The aim is not only to change their perception of digital resources, but above all to get them involved in decarbonizing the company’s activities.


Mobilize your team to develop sustainable working practices. Increase efficiency and give meaning to continuous improvement. Use metrics to measure the impact of iterative adjustments adopted over the weeks.


As an activist for change, use GreeT to unite your peers around factual objectives that you can use to widen the circle.

Digital team

Encourage teams to question their working practices, to improve their use of Microsoft 365 with a view to gaining sobriety and efficiency. Metrics enable each team to see their trajectory and compare themselves with other entities in the company.

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